Resolving conflict so your family can thrive

Estates & inheritance, family business, relationship repair, generational transitions

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Welcome, I’m Kathy Holub. 

I'm a conflict coach and mediator for families.  

I can help you talk about the hard things – money, relationships, goals, fears – so you can make great decisions together and feel proud of them. 

What if you could be done with this problem, with the whole family on board?

“Kathy taught me a new way of communicating with my mother that seemed to work magic . . . You have no idea how much of a burden was lifted from my thoughts.”




Do you worry that your children will fight over your estate? 

Are they arguing about it now – while you’re still here?

I can help you:

  • Talk with your children about what’s important to you

  • Find out what’s important to each of them

  • Craft a flexible plan with guidance from your advisors

  • Lay the groundwork for your children to collaborate for years to come


Are you having the same argument over and over -- about an inheritance or a parent’s care?

Are your relationships frayed down to the last thread?

I can help you:

  • Be heard and understood

  • Meet shared goals without sacrificing your individual needs

  • Solve the problem together, so you can move on


Do you have a client who’s trapped in a family conflict?

Do you wish you could help?

I can:

  • Advise you on how to help your client

  • Work with the client directly, if you prefer

  • Free you up to do what you do best

Conflict can be great for relationships -- if you have the skills

Most people are surprised when I say this.  But think about it.

Conflict is inevitable, especially with people we're close to.

When we address a problem with love and skill, we send a powerful message: "When things get tough, I won't run away.  I will hang in there with you until we find a solution."

It's an investment that can reap big returns.  More trust.  Less stress.  Stronger relationships.  Time and money saved on legal fights.

How does it work?  My proven method will help you:

  • Define the issues and understand them deeply
  • Make a plan and implement it
  • Explore differences without fear
  • Create options with the help of your family advisors
  • Find a solution that fits your family to a T

When you’re finished, you’ll be confident you can do it again.