Break the Impasse in Your Family Conflict

Seven Steps to Move from
Pointless Arguing to Problem-solving 


If you’ve read my free guide, you’ve completed the first part – the inner work – and you’re ready for the rest of the story.  


If you’ve arrived by some other route, welcome!  You can download the free guide anytime.

This 24-page manual puts all seven steps together: the inner work of self-knowledge and the outer work of motivating people to work with you.  If you’ve been spinning your wheels in a family conflict, these simple steps will help you gain traction in a whole new kind of conversation.


In the first three steps – the inner work – you learned:

What triggers your hot buttons in this conflict and how to keep your cool.

Why the worst assumptions you may be making about the other person are probably wrong, and what to assume instead.

How to set clear, emotionally compelling goals so you can invite the other person to work with you and gently lead them where you want to go.

In the last four steps -- the outer work – you’ll discover:

How to put the other person at ease by setting the right tone.

How to get them to open up about what’s really on their minds, even if some of it isn’t easy for you to hear.

How to make them feel understood even if you don’t agree, so they’re more likely to listen to you.

How to express your goals in positive terms so they’re more likely to think, “That sounds reasonable,” or “I want that, too!”

Plus a bonus tip:

How to welcome a “no” and use it as a tool for problem-solving.