Tree Rings_Individual

When you want coaching on how to raise a sensitive issue and lead your family members toward a solution that works for everyone. 

Tree Rings_Family

When you're ready to plan a transition or resolve a sticky problem as a team, with the help of a skilled facilitator.  

Tree Rings_Advisors

When you want a strategist in your corner so you can help a client gain traction in a family conflict.

What you will notice about working with me:

  • I take the time to understand you.

  • I keep my eye on the ball: what problem are we trying to solve, what’s the goal, and how can we get there? 

  • I’m straight with you about how you may have (unintentionally) contributed to conflict in the past and what you can do to change that.

What you can expect to gain from working with me:

  • Hope.

  • A sense of control.

  • Confidence that you can handle the situation productively no matter what happens.