Signature Program for Families

When you want to plan a transition or solve a problem together, with the help of a skilled facilitator

Whether your goal is to prevent a conflict or resolve one, I can help.  I'll support each family member to rethink their assumptions, see the problem with a fresh eye, and express their real goals and concerns.  No more wondering what everyone else wants.  No more worrying about what to say or not say.  We’ll clarify the issues, build a plan, and implement it.  

How it works:

The process starts with a free discovery call.  Any family representative can initiate this call, including a family office executive.  You tell me about the situation, get a feel for my approach, and come away with information you can share with family members.

If the family wants to move forward, I schedule a confidential meeting (by Zoom or phone) with each family member.  This allows each person to start to build their own relationship with me, and it gives me a better sense of the issues.  The fee for this stage is set in advance, depending on the number of participants.  There's no commitment beyond this phase.

If we all feel it’s a good fit, I put together a proposal tailored to your situation, with directions for moving forward.

If the family is ready to get started, we schedule a series of family meetings.  The early meetings focus on exploring the issues and making sure each person gets heard.  Later stages focus on generating and evaluating options, making decisions, and implementing them.  Family advisors -- such as lawyers, wealth managers, and real estate experts -- are warmly encouraged to participate if the family agrees.

What you get:

  • A safe place for thoughtful, productive discussion

  • My proven approach to conflict resolution: a mix of facilitation and mediation

  • An action plan, which we’ll create together

  • Support and structure as you implement the plan

  • Coaching in powerful negotiation techniques you’ll use for the rest of your life

  • Insight into your conflict style: how to work with it instead of against it

  • Insight into your family members’ conflict styles, so you can get the best results

  • Written materials to support your progress


Varies based on needs