Signature Program for Individuals

When you’re ready to change the family status quo and advocate for something a whole lot better

This is my custom consulting and coaching program.  It’s designed to help you raise a difficult topic with family members, engage them in conversation, and lead them toward a solution that works for everyone.  This program is for you if you’d rather not involve the others in mediation – or if a team of wild horses couldn’t drag them in!

How it works:

We start with a free Discovery Call.  You tell me what's going on, I ask questions, and we get to know each other a bit.

If we both feel it's a good fit, we meet 2 to 4 times a month, depending on how quickly you want to progress.  Sessions last up to 90 minutes via Zoom or phone.  You don't have to use all 90 minutes, but most clients do.  

My method is a path we walk together in your own time. I help you clarify goals, build your strategy and skills, and execute your plan with confidence.  After each session with me you’ll know exactly which action steps to take next.  Your family will never know I’m in the background -- unless you decide to tell them.

What you get:

  • In-depth sessions with me (2 to 4 per month)

  • An action plan for meeting your goals

  • Coaching in powerful negotiation techniques you'll use the rest of your life

  • Insight into your conflict style: how to work with it instead of against it

  • Insight into your family members' conflict styles, so you can get the best results

  • Two "SOS" calls per month (if needed for quick check-ins)

  • Email support

  • Written materials to support your progress


The program starts at $2,000/month for 2 sessions per month.  That's the minimum number of sessions you need to maintain momentum.

However, most people get the best results by meeting with me every week.  If you want to move more quickly, you can add additional sessions.  My program is built for flexibility.

How long will it take?  Most people need 4 to 10 sessions to meet their goals, but everyone's different.  We’ll create a custom plan that fits your needs.

I don’t believe in long-term “packages” that force you into a fixed time frame.  You’ll commit to one month at a time and renew until you’re done.  I’ll be with you the whole way.

Not sure whether the Individual or Family program is the best fit? No problem, we’ll figure it out together. Want to address a conflict outside the family? We can do that, too.